In order to better serve its customers, PROTAVIC has organized its products based on their application in the different sectors of the electronics industry.


PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL "Invisible and active everywhere"

PROVATIC INTERNATIONAL wishes to highlight its UNIQUENESS in these short motion design video clips highlighting  PROTAVIC product in various markets ;- for example:  it’s use in the consumer electronics market and wireless charger for your smartphone.





Our certifications

PROTAVIC products meet the highest quality and safety standards:

  • REACH: PROTAVIC complies with REACH regulations and has registered all the substances used in our formulas.
  • ISO: PROTAVIC also complies with the ISO 9001 v2015 quality management principles. PROTAVIC KOREA is ISO 14001 v2015 certified.
  • ITAR-FREE PRODUCTS: PROTAVIC complies with the American ITAR legislation – regulating technologies that can be used by the military industry – by developing “ITAR-Free” components. The aerospace and defense industries rely on these chemical components to export their products to the US.

Our Markets

Areas of use

PROTAVIC‘s expertise – earned and recognized – is found in many industries including aerospace, automotive and electronics.

Striving to always improve, the PROTAVIC team forges close and lasting relationships with its customers and responds to their needs by offering “tailor-made” solutions.  This approach has led to PROTAVIC’s success in many markets.

Find out more

Find out more


Our implantations

PROTAVIC technical expertise spans three continents with subsidiaries in China, South Korea, the United States and Europe.

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PROTAVIC is an operational unit of the PROTEX INTERNATIONAL Group.

The Group develops, produces and markets specialty chemicals for use in textiles, paper and agriculture and as additives in the production of paint, construction materials, detergents and lubricants. It has also diversified into electrochemical metallization and biotechnology.

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