Our innovation strategy is threefold:

  • Cross-fertilization within the activities of the PROTEX INTERNATIONAL group focused on chemical specialties;
  • We remain independent, thanks to in-house production, transferring of products within our network of manufacturing sites and the lack of reliance on outside suppliers;
  • We establish partnerships with cutting-edge research centers such as CEA Liten and CNRS and collaborate on projects to develop new technologies.

Research and development

PROTAVIC companies in Europe, the United States, South Korea and China – whose research centers work closely together – focus their research on a number of strategic areas and opportunities to create new products that bring real added value to their customers.

PROTAVIC creates advanced, environmentally-friendly technologies to maximize the efficiency of customers’ operations.

In addition to standard solutions PROTAVIC offers tailor-made products to meet specific client needs.

From inception to application, PROTAVIC’s researchers, engineers and sales team work closely with manufacturers to effectively respond to a variety of complex demands. It is this personalized approach that distinguishes the culture of PROTAVIC.

Our technological partnerships

PROTAVIC plays an active role in the French printed electronics association (AFELIM). The association brings together the printed electronics industry to facilitate exchange, progress and innovation.

PROTAVIC participated in the European Sicrates program, which focused on new processes for assembling silicon carbide components for aeronautics.

PROTAVIC also works with the CEA Liten in Grenoble on the design and development of silver nanowires.

Since 2018, PROTAVIC has been working with a consortium of academics and engineers on engine control systems. The goal is to develop a power supply module for future electric vehicles.

New products


  • PROTAVIC® 28202: Formulation and manufacture of silver nanowires by mass at 3% in isopropanol.
  • PROTAVIC® 28205: Solvent-based dispersion of silver nanowires, for thermal and transparent conductive coatings.
  • PROTAVIC® VCO 20260: Transparent conductive coating. Single component, ready to use.


  • PROTAVIC® PNC 20120 : A single-component, solvent-free resin specifically designed for the Dam & Fill coating of electronic components. It is resistant to sustained temperatures of up to 260°C.