PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL has a new corporate slogan : “Invisible and active everywhere.

PROVATIC INTERNATIONAL wishes to highlight its UNIQUENESS in these short motion design video clips highlighting  PROTAVIC product in various markets ;- for example:  it’s use in the consumer electronics market and wireless charger for your smartphone.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more marvellous innovated communications on the uses of PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL products  !

In this second video, PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL has elected to show where and how PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL products are used, when drive the electric vehicle!

protavicV2_8.mp4 – Google Drive


In this first video, PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL has elected to show where and how PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL products are used, when withdrawing money at an ATM!

Enjoy the watching and stay tuned as PROTAVIC continues to communicate about its new slogan through new videos!


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